Kingii Accessories Refill Cartridges (Only ship to US & Canada)


Brand Kingii

Please be noted that Kingii can only be shipped to US and Canada.

Outside the U.S. import taxes may apply.

Pull the lever and a balloon helps you stay afloat

Sufficient for a 130kg /  285 lbs person

Easily reusable with refill cartridge.

Kingii- The new wearable increases water safety

The Kingii is small, non-invasive, reliable and with its unobtrusive design for the first time providing additional safety in the water in a convenient way.

Step 1
As an addition to wearing the Kingii, we recommend you also wear a Personal Flotation Device.
Step 2
When Kingii is needed, pull the lever until the internal CO2 cartridge is pierced and the bag starts to inflate within seconds.
Step 3
Once Kingii is inflated, either swim to safety or call for assistance. You may also use the attached whistle.

In addition to life vests that you have on your boat, Kingii can provide additional protection. With Kingii you, your friends and your family can be safer on your next trip.

Until now you had nothing protecting you in the water. Kingii is providing you more safety in a non-intrusive way.

Enjoy the time with your partner at the beach and around any water with peace of mind. In case of cramps, circulation problems or other kind of emergency Kingii is providing additional safety


You love adventures? Kingii is the perfect companion for your adventures in and around the water. 

Kingii is giving you peace of mind during your leisure time. Fishing, kayaking, snorkling or any of your other favorite activities around the water.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (non-inflated):

11x6,5x2,5 cm

Dimensions packaging:

15,5x10,1x6,2 cm

Weight of one Kingii incl. cartridge (excl. packaging)


Volume of gas:

5.89 l CO2


57.87 Newton