Ispack Waterproof Adventure / NEO Canvas Seat Backpack


Brand Ispack

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ISPACK'S groundbreaking design "Pack'n Sit" offer user a great deal of mobility to go anywhere with ease of carrying things and comfort to rest to sit down. Literally anywhere; traveling, amusement park, camping, hiking, BBQ, etc.

Product Details

Product Specifications

Capacity: 20 L
Product outside dimensions: 37.5 cm x 28.5 cm x height 45 cm
Outside frame dimensions: width 35 height X 52 cm
When on the Chair seat height: 42 cm
Maximum weight capacity: up to 100KG

Product Story

Ispack backpack chair was designed by a Japanese mother.

One day, when she was taking the subway home with his little boy. The subway was too crowded and full of people, she was holding many bags and not able to find a seat for his little boy who felt really tired. Suddenly,an idea comes into her mind, she wants to help her family members and all travelers not only can enjoy travelling and outdoors, but also can easily get rest in anywhere anytime.

Then she designed these incredible backpacks,which can carries your goods and doubles as a chair for whenever you need a convenient seat.

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