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Delivery time to most countries (US, Australia, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Finland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, HongKong, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, and Malaysia) is about 7 to 15 days. 

Please be noted that this Macro tip doesn't support Samsung Galaxy S7.


GIGagdets Connect allows you to connect your phone or USB devices to your cable quickly and seamlessly. The magnetic technology coupled with superior materials including rare earth neodymium magnets, aluminum shield, and nylon braided cables. It will change the way you charge your phone.



 What truly sets our cable apart from other magnetic ones is its concave magnetic connector design on both the tip and cable head. Through this careful 360° exterior positioning of 2 strong neodymium magnets on both ends, the tip only needs to be within the magnetic field of the cable end to be quickly attracted and connect seamlessly. 

Competitor designs require the tips to be correctly aligned inside the cable head which requires guidance to be connected correctly if missed. Competitor designs also use weaker magnets and require the perfect alignment of the cable and tip for a correct connection. 

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