Clax Four Wheel Smart Trolley Folding Cart (Only Ship to European Countries)


Brand Clax

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Don’t worry about traffic. Open the door and find a new way to rock city life. When you return and unload, no packing material will be left over. Plastic bags are history. This is one of the reasons we gave CLAX a green color scheme.
Product Description/ Introduction

With CLAX heavy lifting never gets out of style. Whatever your challenge is - private or business - CLAX will take it.
Start rolling!

Two Tier Collapsible Baskets

Collapses easily at the push of a button.

Removable wheels

Easy to Store.

Foot Brake

Foot Operated Parking brake keeps it in place.


Folds into the size of a backpack in seconds

Germany Quality

In style

Various applications

Perfect cart or hand truck for homes, office, restaurants, sales reps, delivery staff, trade shows, grocery, luggage, teachers, etc.
Product Details
With a solid load capacity of 60kg and a range of accessories and spare parts available, the possibilities for the Clax trolley are endless.
The Clax trolley is designed for outdoor usage, thanks to its weather resistant plastic and aluminium construction.
Product Specifications
Load Capacity
60kg total (20kg top shelf, 40kg bottom shelf)
Dimensions (L x W x H)
Assembled - 890mm x 550mm x 1030mm
Folded - 670mm x 470mm x 110mm
Collapsible box height (when open) - 270mm
Unit weight
CLAX standard green (incl. 1 Folding Box)
Weight without packing: 8.6 Kg
Weight with packing: 9.4 Kg

CLAX standard green plus (incl. 2 Folding Boxes)
Weight without packing: 10.4 Kg
Weight with packing: 11.5 Kg

Q: What is the load capacity of CLAX?
A: CLAX can carry up to 60kg/133lbs on both trays. The upper tray carries 40kg/88lbs, the lower 20kg/44lbs.

Q: Can I use CLAX in any weather condition?
A: CLAX was designed for outdoor usage. It consists of weather resistant plastic and aluminum.

Q: Do I have to assemble CLAX before I can use it?
A: We ship CLAX fully assembled. All you have to do is to attach the wheels.

Q: How does CLAX handle stairs and steps?
A: The back wheels of CLAX are exposed. CLAX can be pulled up easily over short stairs, steps or the sidewalk.

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